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Lumikha Cosplay Resale is a secondhand marketplace where cosplayers can buy & sell new, used, or unworn cosplays.


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Spears, swords, shields, oh my! Buy and sell props you just aren’t swinging anymore.


Some costumes just don't fit, we won't wear anymore, or were never worn.


Wigs of all colors, lengths, and styles.

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Check out these wigs for $30 and under!

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Buyer's Guide

This guide will assist you with purchasing anything on the site! Don't know how to sort things? Contact sellers? Get help in case something goes wrong? Click here!

Buyer's Guide

Seller's Guide

This guide will assist with being a seller on Lumikha! Not sure how to set up a PayPal business account? Unsure of how to take the best photos? What should you include in a listing? Get answers here!

Seller's Guide