ISO cosplay trades!

if you have cosplays from these media and want to trade for mine contact me!!!

genshin (all female cosplays+short males, especially beidou, ningguang,kuki)

heaven officials blessing (天官赐福) (xie lian dancer ver/hua cheng any)

Enstars (Tori himemiya)

Twisted wonderland (all characters)

magica madoka (homura, madoka,Mami)

Love live (tang Keke, hanayo koizume)

NIKKE: goddess of victory(any character)

Nier(only 2b or A2)

Nu carnival (ik nothing Abt the game the character designs look cool. Interested in trading for the purple fox guy)

Dokidoki/uwowo cosplays

Honkai (Dan heng, blade , elysia, Kafka,himeko)

Cosplays for trade:(all of them can include wigs/props in the trade) DM me on Instagram (zhanyun0) or TikTok (coser.xiaotang) if you have any questions.

(Price is for if you just want to buy second hand from me instead of trading, price does NOT include wigs/props. Wigs will be a 5-10$ add on. Discount if you buy more than one from me)(if you are more comfortable buying off eBay or other sites contact me and I'll see what I can do!)

Once payment is received, I will ship it out in 2-7 days (how long it takes to get shipped to you depends on where you are) and send you a tracking number. No returns , but I will be willing to send you a video of me packing it and sending it in the mail if you wish(video will be sent through Gmail/Instagram/other contact meathod you prefer) All cosplays will be washed(not including wigs because those are usually styled) and if you want I will also record a video of me washing it if you are worried/wish to see. I can arrange to meet up whenever you are available if that is the method you wish too! In that case I will request payment in cash and be given when we meet up to ensure none of us get scammed. San Francisco ppl only though... Also preferably in a public space :) for your safety and mine.

Rem angel figure ver(uwowo size L) (worn for a try on, was too big. WILL NOT INCLUDE SOCKS) 50$ +shipping

Ram devil figure ver (uwowo size L)(has been used for a photoshoot before DOES NOT INCLUDE SOCKS )50$ +shipping

Hanayo koizume- lovelive (uwowo discontinued!!! Size L)(worn once for a photoshoot) 40$ +shipping

Rapi- goddess of victory nikke( uwowo size M)(is too big but too expensive to return. Worn a couple of times for photos)(DOES NOT INCLUDE THE PANTIES OR SOCKS , for hygiene reasons even if I wash them I don't think you would want to buy second hand panties or socks... lmao.....) 80$+shipping

Viper-godess of victory {toxic rabbit} (rolecosplay size XS)(completely new, missing the stockings though I think I lost them. Any plain stockings will work just fine) never worn but too late to return) 30$ + shipping

Maid raiden (uwowo size s, has been worn a couple of times for TikToks but in overall good condition, I'm getting rid of it because my closet has no space for more cosplays without selling some) 60$+ shipping

Eula (rolecosplay size S)(getting rid of it because I don't like how you can see my butt cheeks if I don't wear safety shorts . The side pieces are missing :( they came kinda busted so I cut them off)(can includes fully styled wig and sword in the trade)(sword will be 10$ is 100 cm, wig is from dokidoki fully styled) 40$+shipping

Nene yashiro(uwowo size S, will include socks because this is brand new and I think the tag is still on it. Everything is still in original packaging Never worn, was gifted this by a friend)
30$+ shipping

!IMPORTANT!(for interested traders)
My size in normal US sizing is a extra small to medium depending on the brand. For asian
Sizing I would be around a small or a medium.
The specifics on my 3 figures are in the sizing section.

Country: United States
International Shipping?: Yes
Item Type: Costume
Factory bought
Traditional US Sizing: M
Condition: Gently used
Bust Size (cm): 84.0
Waist Size (cm): 66.0
Hip Size (cm): 87.0
Pet free/Smoke free:
Pet free
Smoke free

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1 year ago

Not sure if you'd be interested, but I have a Qi Rong cosplay from Heaven Official's Blessing

xiao tangtu

1 year ago

oof, sadly im not into that charater particularly. thank you very much though!


1 year ago

If you are interested I have a Maid Mona listed from UwowoCosplay. Feel free to look at the listing if you're still interested.

xiao tangtu

1 year ago

Unfortunately the sizing is a problem. I would fit into a medium or small quite snugly but an large is just too big. My sewing skills aren't good enough for big alterations for premade cosplays.

Rose Blue Cosplay

2 months ago

Hello! I know its super old lol but is this still up to date?

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