Information about Lumikha Cosplay Resale


A community marketplace by cosplayers, for cosplayers

Buying and selling cosplay on social media has long been a pain for cosplayers. Lumikha seeks to build a community marketplace where users can buy and sell costume items specifically for the cosplay community.

Lumikha Cosplay Resale was created by cosplayers in order to create a more sustainable method of reselling cosplay items such as wigs, costumes, and props. Unused cosplays often remain in our closets, in storage, or end up being thrown away after lack of use. We decided to solve this problem by creating a centralized marketplace for cosplayers to sell their gently used and new cosplay items. 

Some people may wear a costume only once or twice. However, it can be difficult to find someone who is the same size as you who is also interested in the same costume. This platform will allow you to sort by size to make sorting and categorizing easier than on social media.

By shopping secondhand, we can eliminate some of the environmental impact of constantly purchasing low cost costumes from overseas, and instead purchasing the same gently used one from someone closer by. 

Lumikha seeks to improve the quality of life for cosplay resellers and buyers - as well as have a positive impact on the environment. 

LUMI PATCH V.1.0 (2/12/21)

  • Lumikha's internal messaging system is now active. Click "Contact" on a user's profile to directly message them. Users will be able to message other users freely on the platform. Conversations will be monitored for potential scams, harassment, illegal, and improper use of the site. Please continue to primarily use the community conversation feature to ask questions about items.

  • Our harassment policy has been updated. Please check out our Terms of Use page to learn more about our harassment and abuse policy.

  • Users can now sell Remnants & Incomplete cosplay! If you have fabric leftovers, remnants, old trim or unused sewing notions, feel free to sell them in this category! Sometimes we start a project, and we end up not finishing it. Rather than letting it go to waste, list the incomplete costume here with details about the state of the costume, and maybe someone else can find use for the remnants or even finish it themselves!

  • We’ve created two guides: one for Buyers, and one for Sellers! Please check out these guides here.

  • International buyers and sellers rejoice! There is now an option for sellers to mark International Shipping: Yes or No, and mark which country they’re selling from in a drop down menu titled “Country” 

  • The waist slider has been updated. The smallest waist size is now 45cm.