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Terms of Service

Lumikha Cosplay Resale terms of use


Lumikha Cosplay Resale is a web service built on the Sharetribe platform. 

Sharetribe is a social media service that allows its users to change favors and items and communicate with each other. The Sharetribe-service may only be used in accordance with these terms of use. The service provider reserves the right to change these terms of use if required. 

At Lumikha Cosplay Resale, we do not tolerate harassment of any kind. We aim to create a community that is inclusive, kind, welcoming, and safe for cosplayers of ALL kinds.  

Harassment Policy:

Harassment includes any offensive comments targeting a person or group of people based on gender identity, race, ethnicity, background, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. If users are found to be engaging in hate speech, harassment, bullying, or any form of abuse, they will receive a strike. Once you receive two strikes, you will be permanently banned from the website. 

Any threats of violence, self-harm, death threats, or scare tactics towards another user will not be tolerated. Do not use any personal details to threaten others, or share it publicly. 

If you find any listings or comments to be violating this policy, please submit the listing via the Contact Us form at the top of the page - we take all reports very seriously. The site will be constantly moderated by admins for any inappropriate use of the platform. 

If any user attempts to contact you in a sexually explicit or pornographic manner, please report them via the Contact Us form IMMEDIATELY. We have a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior, which will result in an immediate ban. 

Prohibited Items:

Use common sense. Anything illegal, such as drugs, weapons, and counterfeit items will be removed from the site. Do not list something under a brand name unless it is actually that brand. 

Do not resell perfumes/cosmetics, contact lenses, hair/face products or anything that would fall under the personal care category. Lumikha Cosplay Resale is a cosplay website. Avoid selling items that are just general clothing items. 

Bathing suits tops and bras are fine, however bottoms and underwear are not.

Drop shipping of any kind is strictly forbidden and any users found to be bulk selling factory made items or selling "custom made/size" factory items will have their account immediately terminated.

Shop and sell safely:

If a fellow user suggests you take your sale off site, you should not accept. “Avoiding the Lumikha fee” only hurts the website and the community, and if any misconduct happens off site, we can’t do anything to assist. You should report any user who tries to conduct business in this manner. Anyone found to be encouraging this behavior will be given a strike, and after a repeated offense, will be banned for one year.

If a user is using photos that are falsified or misleading, you may report their listing by submitting it to our Contact Us form. 

If you receive an item in poorer condition than expected, please Contact Us with details, including the listing, and the problem with the item. We will do our best to help facilitate a solution.

Buyer and seller protection is done primarily through PayPal - and as such, Lumikha is not responsible for compensating buyers or sellers in the event of lost/unreceived items or chargebacks, but will punish users found guilty of scams, cons, bad faith sales, etc. by banning them from our service.

What happens if my item never arrives?

Reach out to the seller to ensure that they shipped it out. Make sure you receive a tracking number after your seller lets you know your item was shipped. If there is still an issue, contact PayPal. You can review their Buyer protections here.

What happens if a buyer claims their item was never delivered/does a chargeback?

First, reach out to the buyer to find out what happened. Contact PayPal with your shipping details & other tracking information in order to provide your case. You can review their Seller protections here. 

If you have any other questions about our abuse and harassment policy, please feel free to Contact Us.

If I have to refund an item, do I get the site commission fee back?

All Lumikha hosting fees are final and cannot be returned in case of a buyer or seller cancellation. If the seller cancels the transaction - the seller would bear the burden of the fee and refund the buyer the full amount. However, if the buyer requested a refund, the buyer would bear the burden of the fee, and the seller would only have to return the original amount paid minus the fee. Fee amounts can be seen in your PayPal transaction history.

Rights of Content

The users themselves retain the right to all text, pictures and other content that they create in the service. The users allow others to utilize the content in accordance with the nature of the service and furthermore allow the service provider to file information and data and make changes that are necessary for the service or the study, however other rights are not transferred from the users, unless specifically otherwise agreed. The responsibility of the content lies with the user, who has produced it to the service. The service provider has the right to remove any material when it deems it necessary.


No guarantees of the functioning of the Sharetribe service are given. The users are themselves responsible for their actions in the service and they should estimate the reliability of other users before dealing with them. The service provider can under no circumstances be liable for damage that is caused to the user. The user may not store any information or data in the service, and expect it to remain there.

All users are responsible for communicating with sellers and verifying information about costumes or items they may be purchasing. Lumikha Cosplay Resale will not be held liable for any transactions completed between users. 

The Removal of a User

The service provider has the right to remove any users from Sharetribe and terminate their right of use of the service without any specific reason and without being liable for compensation. By listing an item in the Lumikha Cosplay Resale marketplace, you agree to complete any sale initiated on the site through the marketplace.

If you are found to be abusing the site in order to find customers and move to offsite purchases, this may be grounds for account termination. 

Applicable Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction that is applicable in this service and these terms of use is that of Finland and the United States, unless something else is required by binding law.

These terms and conditions may be revised by the Lumikha Team as necessary.