Information about Lumikha Cosplay Resale

How it works

How it works

We've created Buyer and Seller guides to give you tips on making the best transactions on Lumikha. Check out those guides here! 

How do I sell used/secondhand cosplay?

You can sell your cosplay on Lumikha Cosplay Resale, a second hand cosplay marketplace for buying and selling cosplay. Sellers can create easy to manage listings, and buyers can filter results so they can locate exactly what they're looking for.

How do I buy used/secondhand cosplay?

You can buy secondhand cosplay directly on Lumikha Cosplay Resale by searching our vast marketplace of cosplay listings, or going directly to the profiles of your favourite cosplayers to see what they're selling.

What can I sell?

Each community member may list any number of wigs, costumes, props, remnants, etc. on their profile. These items will be organized and sorted by series, color, size, condition, etc. 

How do I list an item?

Click "Post a new listing" and get started! There are different listing categories for size, color, condition, etc. 

How do sales work?

Individuals conduct the sale through the Lumikha platform, processed through PayPal or Stripe. Each sale will be processed with a 10% service fee, with a minimum of $2.00. For PayPal users, your fees will typically be an additional 3%, while Stripe has a minimum fee of 2.00. 

Sellers must insure their shipments through their shipping service of choice, as Lumikha will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, or destroyed packages.

By listing an item in the Lumikha Cosplay Resale marketplace, you agree to complete the sale on the site. If you are found to be abusing the site in order to move to offsite purchases, this may be grounds for account termination. 

Is this marketplace international?

Our sellers can do international sales, but they'd have to list their items in USD due to the limitations of our host, Sharetribe. Since payments can go through either PayPal Business or Stripe, the currency can be converted to your native currency on their platforms. Sellers should indicate in their profile if they are comfortable selling internationally or just within their own country. We recommend using XE. 

How do I convert to a PayPal Business account?

Check out this guide below:

Converting to a Paypal Business Account

(It’s actually very easy!)

Sign up for a PayPal account if you don't already have one.

Enter an email address for a new account or your current PayPal email

If using a current PayPal address you’ll be asked to log in.

Choose to convert your current account or use a new email address to create a new account.

(There isn’t much change between the business and regular so don’t be afraid! I’ll show you the different layout at the end of these instructions.)

Enter your personal information.

(Your business name is just your name)

Select individual/sole proprietorship.

(because you are a sole person)

Select a service to categorize as (Used Merchandise and Secondhand Stores is a good coverall term for what most of us do with paypal sales, selling merch and cosplay!) then select your projected monthly sales(Up to USD $4,999 is the lowest option, I don’t think this will matter) 

Uncheck the PayPal Business Mastercard because you don’t need that.

Enter your personal address.

Continue to Account Setup.

Congratulations! You’ve now got a PayPal business account!

Still worried about converting accounts? Don’t be!

You can send and request money the same way as before! Your frequent contacts should even still be there!

Your transaction history is all still present!

Your payment options are all still available!

So never fear, anything you did previously or will continue to do on PayPal won’t change! 

You’ve just got a new look and some added features. I hope this helped!