Daft Punk - Thomas Bangalter

Thomas Bangalter's helmet from the electronic duo Daft Punk. Full-scale and wearable, sized to fit the average adult (head diameter of ~59cm) but can be scaled if necessary for a better fit. This listing is for the printed version!

Free local delivery! Check out Knight.so for all my offerings and 3D printing services, or send me a message on here :)


Most things we sell can be purchased as either a raw print, primed piece, or fully painted item. If you aren't given a choice on the listing then you will receive the item as it appears in the pictures (though sometimes in a different color). We welcome requests for custom finishes as well as other minor modifications so feel free to reach out to us with your ideas!

Print: For those that don't mind putting in some work, but just need a foundation to start from. This is for the raw printed piece itself and will need some sanding and basic prep to be ready to paint. Save yourself a lot of time and work by getting the form and details already in front of you, ready to build upon. May come in more than one piece to make shipping and sanding easier.

Primed: For when you want something nearly done that you can paint yourself for a one-of-a-kind piece. This will come already sanded smooth, then coated with a high-quality grey primer for a surface that will provide excellent adhesion for your finishing touches.

Painted: Skip right to a perfect 'con-ready' piece to complete your cosplay. A fully finished, ready to go piece that includes straps to secure it to your head.

Production & Delivery

Since everything is hand-made and made to order, items typically ship between 2-24 days depending on their complexity. If you have any questions at all about expedited shipping, ETAs, or anything else related to production time feel free to reach out via to "Contact" page.

For example if you purchase a raw print or small item it will most likely ship within 2-3 days. If you were to purchase something like a fully finished cosplay set it could take up to a month to produce, paint, cure, and ship. We take pride in making bespoke, custom products that pass a high bar for quality and fit, and would rather things take a little longer to make sure we absolutely nail it.

Most shipments are sent via USPS Priority Mail or USPS Priority International Mail. If you have a preference in carrier or method please let us know when placing your order or shortly after.


My props are all fan-made items that are not officially licensed products. I am not commercially profiting from these properties, and am only compensated for my services printing, assembling, and prepping the items. Note that every computer screen presents a different resolution or color calibration, so items may appear slightly different than perceived on your screen. Due to the nature of 3D printing small blemishes may be present, though great care is put into removing these.

( daft punk robot rock edm dj elecontric house tron helmet head face mask visor thomas bangalter guy manuel )

Country: United States
International Shipping?: Yes
Item Type: Headpiece

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