Bunny- 23- New England, USA cosplayer!
Hello! I'm a cosplayer who likes to do all sorts of things with cosplay. Right now, I really love a lot of obscure anime and I've been working my way through the Final Fantasy game series. I just recently got obsessed with The Owl House, too (if you haven't seen it, please do).

My cosplays range from handmade, to factory-purchased, to altered-and-thrifted pieces! I'm always happy to barter and just want to find a home for new cosplays. So please let me know if you are interested in something I have but want to talk about the pricing, I'm seriously open to all considerations but I try to price my stuff as fairly as possible off the bat <3

Selling my cosplays to be more environmentally friendly/sustainable as a cosplayer! Also, it helps me continue to share my love for the characters I portray with others. Your support also helps me to afford to do cosplay while I'm studying in graduate school. Thank you!

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